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iStore announces iPhone Freedom Plus trade-in program

iStore launches iPhone Freedom Plus Program together with the latest iPhone on October 25, 2019.

Cebu, Philippines- iStore today announced iPhone Freedom Plus program which guarantees you a 50% buyback value for your newly purchased iPhone 11, iPhone Pro, and iPhone Pro Max.

The iPhone Freedom Plus program offers you the easiest way to upgrade to the next iPhone with a guarantee to keep your phone value at it's best price. With a goal to offer a great customer experience at its core, iStore introduced iPhone Freedom Plus as the most convenient way to get the latest iPhone you've always loved.

"There are almost no conditions to lock in your guaranteed value - just make sure your iPhone 11, iPhone Pro, and iPhone Pro Max turns on and is logged out of any security locks." says Gelyn Custodio, iStore sales manager. "It is the most affordable and only program that rewards you for your iPhone loyalty.

Customers can avail of the iPhone Freedom Plus program upon buying the iPhone 11, iPhone Pro, and iPhone Pro Max.

Offer runs until December 31, 2019.

How much is the add-on premium and the buyback value for my iPhone?

iPhone 11

Add-on premium: Php 4,700

Buyback value:

64 GB - Php 23,99

5128 GB - Php 25,495

256 GB - Php 28,495

iPhone 11 Pro

Add-on premium: Php 6,700

Buyback value:

64 GB - Php 33,995

256 GB - Php 38,495

512 GB - Php 44,995

iPhone 11 Pro Max

Add-on premium: Php 7,300

Buyback value:

64 GB - Php 36,995

256 GB - Php 41,495

512 GB - 47,995

Note: Only pay once for the add-on premium.

How to maintain eligibility for the iPhone Freedom Plus program?

Make sure the following conditions are met:

1. Bring back the same device in-store

2. iPhone must be able to turn on.

3. iPhone must be logged out from iCloud, FMIP, Passcode, Face ID, and Touch ID

All other scratches, dents, or damages are covered!

Terms & Conditions

1. Customer shall be eligible to return the device anytime from sign-up date to 31st

December 2020 for a guaranteed buyback value at 50% of original purchase price.

2. The buyback value shall be only used to offset the purchase price of any device within the iStore branches. Should the purchase price be lower than the buyback value, unused value shall be forfeited.

3. No cash will be paid for the buyback value.

4. The returned device shall meet the following conditions during redemption to be eligible for the guaranteed buyback value:

  • Device IMEI must match the original signed up device IMEI

  • Device must be able to switch ON

  • Device must be logged out from iCloud/FMIP/Passcode/Face ID/Fingerprint

Returned devices that do not meet the conditions shall not be accepted.

5. The redemption of the buyback value and purchase of the new device shall only be available at any iStore branch.

6. The subscription is non-transferrable and shall only be redeemed by the person who signed up for the program.

7. In the event where the original device is swapped by Apple Authorised Repair Centre (e.g. warranty claim), document prove showing the swap shall be provided to be eligible for the redemption.

8. iStore shall be allowed to use customer's email and contact number to make announcements and notifications regarding the program until 30th November 2020.

9. The charger and accessories are not required upon returning of the device.

10. Customer shall ensure that all personal data is transferred out and SIM card removed from the returned device prior to the redemption. These shall be deemed lost and cannot be recovered once the device is handed over.

11. Only devices listed in the program portal (i.e. iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max) are eligible for the iPhone Freedom Plus program.

12. Full payment of the program subscription fee shall be made at the point of subscription.

13. Program subscription is only available until the 31st of December 2019.​








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