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New Services at iStore Service Center

iStore now offers Preventive Maintenance and Cleaning service for your Mac.

As an Apple Authorized Service Provider and Premium Service Provider, iStore continues to support Apple users so they can get the most out of their devices.

Now, it's easier for Mac owners to keep their iMac or MacBooks clean and in tiptop shape!

Preventive Maintenance Service

Did you know that your Mac begins to show signs of use around 3 to 5 years from purchase? To prevent further damage and keep it at its best condition, you can get your iMac and MacBook serviced for Preventive Maintenance.

The service includes the following:

  • MRI Diagnostic Scan

  • Storage Diagnostic Test

  • Heat Sink Thermal Paste Replacement

  • Hinges Restoration

  • Trackpad Sensitivity Adjustment

  • Display Adhesive Replacement (for iMac)

  • Post Diagnostics Test


Desktop - Php 2500

Portable - Php 2000

Cleaning Service for Mac

What's a clean desk but a dirty Mac? Whether you use your MacBook and iMac for work, school, research, entertainment, or others, your device accumulates dirt and dust inside and out. Get your Mac cleaned and adjusted to ensure its quality and functionality for your day to day productive activities at iStore.

The service includes the following:

  • MRI Diagnostic Scan

  • I/O Board cleaning

  • RAM cleaning

  • Fan cleaning

  • Trackpad sensitivity adjustment

  • Display Adhesive Replacement (for iMac)


Desktop - Php 1500

Portable - Php 1500

The new services are available at your local iStore Service Center.







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